How to Order Wholesale

Making a wholesale order with us could not be easier.  The Women's Fashion Wholesale Superstore understands the root elements that go into starting, maintaining and operating a small or medium sized business.  This is why we are considered one of the top USA fashion wholesale suppliers in the USA.


If you have been operating your own fashion business or you are just starting one, there are key ingredients you want for the smooth and optimized operations.  Shopping for wholesale women's fashion should not be difficult or complicated which is why we have taken everything that we consider to be a benefit and how we can provide it to you.  Here is why the Women's Fashion Wholesale Superstore is going to help build your business:

  1. Ordering in Single Pieces

    We are one of the only fashion wholesalers who provides their entire catalog in single piece units meaning that you can buy 1 piece of a style instead of the 6 pack, 9 pack, 10 or even 12 pack lots.  This will dramatically limit your inventory risk which is bulk wholesale inventory that you purchase that does not sell and becomes stale and traps your money in unwanted styles.  Many businesses go our of business because of this.  Yes, it is slightly more expensive as it creates much more work for our fashion pickers but the extra cost is more than worth it as you get to try new styles without a huge commitment in quantity.
  2. Your Order Ships Same Day

    We know that having your inventory stuck in transit costs you money, a lot of money. How frustrating is it to make an order with a clothing wholesaler and you see it ship a week later? If your competition is getting their product in 1 or 2 days then they are going to have a definite edge over you. The Women's Fashion Wholesale Superstore ships 98% of all orders the same day as long as you order before 2:00pm Pacific time (Los Angeles). You may be surprised to see that you receive your order confirmation and then a "Your Order has Shipped" email with a tracking code within an hour. We print, fill, pack and ship orders as they happen making sure that you get your product in as short of time as possible.
  3. Choose Any Amount of Any Size

    It is so frustrating to be in a situation where you only need 1 or 2 pieces in large and purchasing an entire pack is not going to be economical so you lose the sale. That will not happen with the Women's Fashion Wholesale Superstore. We allow you to purchase in any amounts in any size. Yes, that means if you want 10 small, 2 medium and 6 large then that is what you order. If you want just 1 small then that is what you order. We make purchasing your wholesale clothing easy and hassle free.
  4. On Trend Styles and Easy to Sell Apparel

    We focus on styles that are on trend and easy to sell. That means understanding what the seasonal trends are and having the ability to offer those styles to you at wonderful wholesale pricing. It is always a challenge but, having been in the fashion business for almost 20 years, we have a global network of manufacturers as well as manufacturing our own styles.
  5. Best Products - Best Prices - Best Service

    These are the 3 things that the Women's Fashion Wholesale Superstore applies to everything we do. It is the very foundation of how we operate our wholesale apparel business and our guarantee that we are dedicated to only the very best for your business.


If you are having issues in sourcing the right products for your women's fashion business then we are confident that our dedication to our business will help propell yours to new heights and make order wholesale apparel easy and stress free because the more successful you are, the more successful we will be!



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