Canadian Shipping

Canadian Customs / Duties and Taxes Explained

NOTE:  All import and duty taxes imposed on your order are imposed by the Canadian and your Provincial Government, NOT Women's Fashion Wholesale Superstore.  We have NO control over these additional charges.

The Women's Fashion Wholesale Superstore includes all taxes and Customs and Duties in the price of your order and are itemized at the bottom of your invoice.  This is to ensure 100% compliance with import laws governing clothing and textiles between the United States and Canada.  This also allows for very quick delivery to all major Canadian cities.  You are not responsible for any additional charges as all taxes as well as Customs and Duties are paid by the Women's Fashion Wholesale Superstore through FedEx at the time your package enters Canada.


If you live in a small city in Canada, additional shipping charges may apply.  The shipping fee does not include any extra leg deliveries to minor outlying cities and additional charges may apply.  If there are additional shipping charges, we shall contact you and advise you of any additional charges. 



PART 1: Provincial and Federal Taxes

  • ALBERTA:  PST 0% + GST 5% = 5% Import Tax
  • BRITISH COLUMBIA: PST 7% + GST 5% = 12% Import Tax
  • MANITOBA: PST 8% + GST 5% = 13% Import Tax
  • NEW BRUNSWICK: PST 10% + GST 5% = 15% Import Tax
  • NEWFOUNDLAND LABRADOR: PST 10% + GST 5% = 15% Import Tax
  • NORTHWEST TERRITORIES: PST 0% + GST 5% = 5% Import Tax
  • NOVA SCOTIA: PST 10% + GST 5% = 15% Import Tax
  • ONTARIO: PST 8% + GST 5% = 13% Import Tax
  • PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND:  PST 10% + GST 5% = 15% Import Tax
  • QUEBEC:  PST 9.975% + GST 5% = 14.975% Import Tax
  • SASKATCHEWAN:  PST 6% + GST 5% = 11% Import Tax
  • YUKON:  PST 0% + GST 5% = 5% Import Tax

Taxes Charged on Imports by your Province (PST) and the Canadian Government (GST)

PART 2: Canadian Government Customs and Duties

The Canadian Government levies an 18% Customs and Duties import fee.  This is a direct charge by the Canadian Government and has nothing to do with any charges imposed by the Women's Fashion Wholesale Superstore.  The Canadian Customs and Duties charges are paid for by you at checkout which makes delivery to you quick and easy. FedEx pays for all taxes and Customs fees when it enters Canada.



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